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Unlocking Growth: The Impact of Live Events at #IWBS23

Ben Selland


The International WorkBoat Show in New Orleans isn’t just another event in the maritime industry’s calendar; it’s a melting pot of ideas, innovation, and invaluable networking. This year, we had the pleasure of attending this esteemed gathering, and the experience was nothing short of transformative for the team.

The primary motivation for attending the IWBS was to immerse ourselves in the heartbeat of the maritime industry. The event promised a unique platform to connect with both current and prospective clients, delve into the latest trends, and explore the challenges and opportunities shaping our sector.

Live events provide a real, tactile way to engage with the pulse of an industry. There’s an undeniable magic in live events. From brainstorming strategies to dissecting marketing campaigns, the face-to-face interactions at WorkBoat facilitated a level of depth and understanding seldom achieved in the virtual world.

A standout moment for me was engaging in lively discussions with some of our current clients. We dove into the nuances of targeting different demographic segments within the maritime industry, from ship owners to blue-collar workers, and the unique approaches required for each. Moreover, sharing a meal with people we normally only see on Zoom, including a memorable dinner- featuring some of the best oysters I’ve ever had, added a personal touch to our professional relationships.

The show was not without its challenges, including navigating a packed schedule, but thanks to the exceptional organizational skills of the Selland team, we managed to balance meetings, impromptu discussions, and valuable networking opportunities seamlessly. The show provided an excellent opportunity for our marketing team to collaborate in person and the face-to-face meetings with clients proved invaluable. These interactions led to new perspectives on applying marketing strategies to address their unique business challenges, some of which they hadn’t previously considered solvable.

Encouraged by our success at WorkBoat, we plan to continue our presence at industry events throughout the year. Our sights are set on the Inland Marine Expo in Nashville, with anticipation already building for next year’s IBWS24

The International WorkBoat Show wasn’t just an event; it was a catalyst for growth, learning, and forging stronger connections. For anyone considering attending, whether it’s WorkBoat or any other trade show, my advice is simple: embrace every opportunity to connect, learn, and be open to new approaches. The experiences you’ll gain are invaluable, both professionally and personally.

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